Our ground-breaking new energy gum is here!

Zestél prides itself on being a community-minded, responsible innovator in the gum category. Zestél’s products are based on the premise that ‘feeling good is everything!’. Our range of functional gums are all about helping people to feel good, to kick start their day in a healthier way, and to reach for the best within themselves so that they get more out of life.


Zestél has developed a heathier way to kick start your day so you can make the most of every moment. It’s a great tasting, great value, fast absorbing energy boost that you can chew whenever, wherever you need it – and it’s sugar free!

Caffeine is the active ingredient in Zestél ENERGY GUM and it is scientifically proven* that around 75% is released within the first five minutes of chewing (compared to 30 – 40 minutes for energy drinks). Caffeine delivered through chewing gum works via Buccal absorption – the active ingredients are absorbed via the buccal membrane (cheek linings) directly into the blood stream, bypassing the stomach. (*Human Performance Resource Centre –

Zestél ENERGY GUM is the ideal choice for a sugar free energy boost choice. It also contains Vitamins B 3,5,6,&12, and is gluten and nut free and 100% vegan, with none of the gelatine or beeswax animal ingredients found in many chewing gum based products.

Packaged in a visually appealing flat blister pack, Zestél ENERGY GUM is both enjoyable and easy to carry anywhere. The attractive, neat and compact blister pack slips easily into a jean or shirt pocket or a handbag, it’s quiet (no rattling noises!) and the measurable dosages mean you can keep track of how many tabs you have consumed.

Zestél ENERGY GUM is only $2.99 for 12 pieces of gum. One small can of current market place energy drinks (250ml) contains approximately 80mg of caffeine and retails (on average) for $3.00. For the same price, Zestél ENERGY GUM offers 12 tabs of gum, containing a total of 240mg of caffeine, providing a more cost-effective, healthier, more convenient and faster energy boost.


Life sure is busy. Every day flies by so quickly! There’s always so much on our to do list, and it’s harder than ever to get energised, feel good and make the most of each day. So when you need that extra bit of energy to get you going, Zestél Energy Gum is the answer.


When you need a convenient on-the-go energy boost to help you smash your personal best


Break outside your comfort zone and explore the great outdoors


Hit the zone, go all out and get your adrenaline pumping


Make the most of every moment


Stay energised during your workout sessions and enjoy the benefits of being active


Keep your feet moving and booty shaking to your favourite music


Make the most of your perfect holiday


Homework deadlines and last minute cramming


Explore the world


Don't miss another moment playing with the kids


Be serious about winning and get the extra edge


Stay focused and work smarter not harder


Zestel has been founded by three like minded individuals, with a desire to energise and encourage people to strive for and achieve their dreams.

Darryl Bason: Director – Research & DevelopmentFor years Darryl had dreaded the early Monday morning drive to work and the long hours the working week entailed. He realised there must be a healthier way to stay alert than drinking two energy drinks every morning that were loaded with sugar. That’s when Darryl and friend Mat discussed creating a convenient energy boost like energy chewing gum. In his profession as a Pharmacist, Darryl had years earlier completed a research project on buccal absorption, and knew that chewing gum was a very effective way of delivering medicine or drugs into the body quickly and with fewer side effects. Enter Mike and a great partnership was formed – Zestél. Darryl’s vision for Zestél is to provide consumers with a convenient, high quality range of functional gums – that can enhance people’s lives in a positive way.

Mat Harris: Director – Sales & MarketingMat’s involvement with Zestél came about during a lazy Friday night conversation with Darryl Bason. With conversation constantly focused on ways in which they could both create better lifestyles for themselves and their families, Mat and Darryl knew that there was something in the making. The foundation of Zestél grew from discussions about energy drinks when they were at a peak around four years ago, with everybody drinking them (including Mat and Darryl). The idea of offering the consumer a healthier and more convenient way to get an energy boost was how Zestél Energy Gum was born – developing a great tasting way for people to power up in any situation.

Mike Cusin: Managing DirectorMike and Darryl studied Pharmacy together in New Zealand, and they always said that one day they would be in business together. Fast forward 20 years, and they have come together to form Zestél. The project began for Mike in November 2014, when Darryl introduced him to an idea that he and Mat had been working on, an energy chewing gum. With today’s busy lifestyle of work and family, all too often there isn’t a lot of energy left to enjoy life to its fullest and that is why Mike embraced the opportunity to form a company that will produce products that will help people get more out of life. Mike believes that anyone can achieve anything they desire in life, they just need the right mindset and right tools to achieve it.


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